Call for Web Expert


For the project website construction and maintenance
May 2013


1.1 Beneficiary Country: Albania

1.2 Contractor: EuroPartners Development

1.3 Current state of affairs in the sector:

Under the IPA Cross Border Programme Greece - Albania 2007-2013 EuroPartners Development in cooperation with Regional Council of Korca and the Chamber of Commerce of Grevena are currently running a project titled: “Fostering Cooperation and mobilization composing economic clusters – InCommon”

The InCommon project led by the Chamber of GREVENA, is trying to promote traditional products and breathe behaviours and attitudes that characterize the history of each area. By promoting a basket of goods in each territory and also promoting traditional recipes InCommon project wants to mobilize local stakeholders. Adopting a “quality logo” that will be awarded only to firms and economic actors that fulfil quality-based criteria, the InCommon project will disseminate this as the quality of goods and services. These firms will be encouraged and to certain degree obliged to use traditional products and also will be agreed to use traditional recipes in their cooking. The ambition of this effort is to create “quality areas” that enhance traditional products in a strategic way. This by its turn will be the pole of attraction of tourists and travellers. Any one that will visit the participating areas will know before –by Internet, road maps – Face book and YouTube- the places that should visit and the firms that this quality logo is awarded.

This project has the ambition to create a strong synergy with long lasting results in the border area. It also tries to change the way of behaviour of local stakeholders and will also give them the chance to promote their products and their services. The strategic impact of this project is to change the behaviour towards a tourist or a traveller that visits a place. It will give them the appropriate guidance and assistance, it will help them in order be aware of every complaining process and also it will offer the chance to local stakeholder to create a “quality zone” that attracts even more people that does today.

The project has started the implementation and part of it is the establishment and maintenance of the website. As the website will be a window of the project activities it will display them in a very timely and professional way. Therefore a website designer along the project lifetime is required. It is important to be emphasised that the designer will construct a very dynamic website and in a very interactive way.

The website will be used as a “speaking board” for any producers, visitor, citizens and the entire target groups. It will also serve as a pool for input of all the project outputs (survey, studies, newsletter; leaflet; In Common Panorama, recipe festival, conferences dissemination strategy etc…) that will require to certain extend the input and the feedback of all the project actors as well as announcements for each activity.


2.1 Beneficiary

EuroPartnes Development and Regional Council of Korca.

2.2 Objectives

Overall objective

Touristic valorisation of the participating areas and increase of the tourism exchange and its promotion.

Specific objective
The specific objective is to promote the project outputs, notably the identified quality traditional products, recipe and the business operators in the region of Korca

2.3 Requested services

Facilitate the construction and the maintenance of the project website .

The expert will be required to provide the following services:

• Construct the project website;
• Enter the project data and activities in a timely way
• Accomplish the multiple language platform and content management system
• Application of the online catalogue elements
• Managing and maintaining the traditional products database
• Online communication and marketing
• Social media network forum
• E-mail management, quality assurance
• Content update, professional photos, video clip

2.4. Expected results and Set of Deliverables

Key outputs of the expert are:
- The project website constructed and maintained
- Interactive website
- Quality traditional products promoted
- Project activities performed
- Information exchange among project partners and stakeholders developed


Qualifications and skills:
• University degree in a discipline relevant to the assignment ( Information and Technology)
• Ability to work together with working team and on the spot
• Good team working and communication skills.
• Very good organisational and coordination skills

General professional experience:
• At least 5 years experience in this area;

Specific professional experience:
• Previous experience in similar projects and/or in relevant domain

Language skills
English language would be an advantage


4.1 Starting and finishing dates:

The assignment will start in June and will last until December 2013 upon completion of the project. Final details will be agreed upon in the service contract.

4.3 Location of assignment:
The assignment will be carried out in Tirana and Korca Region.


5.1 Reporting delivery

Apart from the project-related outputs a final report on the activities undertaken and on the project as it was carried out , will be submitted by the expert before the end of the contract.
All reports should be submitted in English.

5.2 Submission and approval of reports

Final approval is contingent upon acceptance of the services delivered by the beneficiary, the EuroPartners Development.

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