Training to CSOs on the Medium Term Budget Program, organized within the framework of the project "Increasing the Civil Pressure on the process of development of the Medium Term Budget Program 2019 - 2021 and the Annual Budget 2019"

 With the support of the Open Society Foundation for Albania, Europartners Develoment aims to increase civil society engagement towards improving transparency of budget and civic debate in the budget decision making process at the central level. Influencing the increased pressure from civil society towards the central administration regarding the orientation of funds in line with strategic commitments planned by the Government in strategic documents, funds could be better oriented where are more needs .

In the framework of the activities launched, Europartners organized a two-day training on 19-20 December 2017 with representatives of civil society organizations. The purpose of the training was to provide more specific knowledge on the Mid-term Budget Program (MTBP), as well as the process of drafting it and the content of specific MTBP programs.

The training was oriented towards the general explanation of the public management process, and in line with the focus of civil society analysis on the respective programs of the Medium Term Budget Program sectors related to National Plan for Youth 2014-2020, education, social services focusing on supporting vulnerable groups, and funding the Roma and Egyptian Community Action Plan 2015-2020 and supporting people with disabilities. The CSOs attending the training were provided with more specific information about MTBP programs that are interrelated and support the implementation of policies envisaged in these national plans.

At the training session of 20 December 2017 was invited and Mr.Gentian Opre, Director, Director of Analysis and Budget Program, at the Ministry of Finance.

After acquiring knowledge on specific MTBP programs selected by civil society organizations, the project will continue with provision of asssitance to the CSOs to carry out analysis of the programmes during the process of draftin the 2019-2021 MTBP, during the drafting phase of the MTBP between April and June 2018.

Pictures from the seminar 15 November 2017

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