Community Communication and Education House (CCEH)
Peshkopi, Diber

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Areas / Sector of Interests
Executive Director
Violeta Kola
Mission Statement
CCEH aims to support civil society in the way of progress, create new concepts of local ownership, improve and increase citizens� participation, especially youth and women, in local decision making processes.
Short Description

CCEH was established according to the Danish model of the community centres, in order to create new concepts of local ownership and to develop the civil society. CCEH aims to support civil society, especially youth and women, in the way of progress, improve and increase citizens’ participation in local decision making processes. CCEH has a considerable experience with community based activities, women and youth involvement in decision-making, instalment of dialogue between local government, NGOs and citizens, about common concerns related to development.
CCEH already has a considerable experience in organizing round tables, debates, confrontation, counselling for social problems, legal and health problems that have troubled the community as a roundtable dialogue on education, health, business development, the environment, to increase level and quality of services to the community, to tolerance and understanding others. Activities for the development of women and youth, to protect women and youth from violence, trafficking, debates about women's and youth increasing participation in local decision-making, etc., have occupied an important place in the work of staff CCEH
CCEH has successfully implemented 10 projects supported DANIDA, USAID, OSFA, REC, SIDA and one regional project cross-border supported by EU, Cards program 2003 etc. CCEH has prepared and published 4 books, 2 magazines and more than 15 titles, posters and leaflets for the development of community awareness.

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