Korca, Korca

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Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Human Rights
  • Civil Society Development
  • Youth
  • Local Development
  • Capacity Buidling
  • Advocacy and Lobbying
Executive Director
Ereandra Taipllari
Mission Statement
The Mission of the Civil Society Development Center Korca is to encourage civil society co-operation and state-civil society co-ordination that will safeguard, enrich and strengthen the social, cultural and economic fabric of Albania. We provide a valid platform for the local community to express, on an ongoing basis, local civic issues, and to portray the perspectives of local NGOs. Our Network constitutes a significant step forward for the Albanian NGO community in its efforts to actualize itself as a vibrant and sustainable civil society. It functions as a link with other NGO communities in the region, providing assistance in developing a process of exchanging views and news - the foundation of civil society.
Short Description


  • As a local capacity builder CSDC Korca has been training 658 representatives of civil society and local government since its establishment, Memaliaj Municipality’s staff, Gjirokastra region, rural women in Miras commune, Devoll district, the staff of nine communes of Korca region, Erseka Municipal staff and local CBOs, Erseka Qender commune, 120 Roma women on women’s rights and anti-trafficking issues; in cooperation with OSCE HQ and OSCE FS Gjirokastra, with Triangle, with Swedish International Public Administration Institute for Decentralisation and Regional Development Project (SIPU DRD), with Erseka Municipality and Peace Corps Voluntaire.
  • In 2006, CSDC Korca implemented successfully the EC Project on Capacity Building of Civil Society Organisations and Community Based Groups.
  • Due to CSDC coordination and facilitation, The Alliance of Civil Society was established in Korca with the membership of fifteen local NPOs. Nowadays there are 31 members of this Alliance, local NPOs. On November 18, 2006, after a successful advocacy and lobbying campaign of the Alliance of Civil Society facilitated by CSDC Korca, the Municipal Council of Korca approved unanimously, a Memorandum of Understanding between the later and twenty seven local NPOs. The MoU, which aimed to institutionalize the cooperation between Municipality Council and civil society organisations. CSDC Korca has facilitated all the meetings of the participatory budgeting process in 2007 initiated by the Municipality of Korca.
  • CSDC Korca has been one of the Secretary Offices of the NGO Council of Prespa-Ohrid Euro-Region, covering Albania, Korca region (Pogradec and Korca districts) and aiming the strengthening of the cross border cooperation among civil society actors in Prespa-Ohrid Euro-region.
  • From 2003 to 2004, CSDC cooperated with the Carter Centre facilitated the monitoring of NSSED from the local civil society of Korca region; CSDC Korca monitored the Regional Development Strategy of Korca funded by UNDP on “Civic Participation for the MDGs and NSSED 2005-2007”.
  • CSDC Korca organized three awareness raising campaigns in 2005, 2006. 2007. These campaigns aimed to raise awareness of the citizens about human rights and especially women’s rights. They took place from 25 November to 10 December 2005-2006-2007. CSDC involved eleven local NPos in this campaign and for sixteen days different activities were organized.
  • CSDC is offering its services and facilities to NPOs. (e-mail, telephone, Computers, meeting room, copier machine, counselling and coaching, resource library).


CSDC implemented in 2008 the project on “Promoting Roma Artistic Values and Their Human Rights” taking place in Korca Region in 1 – 10 December 2008, aiming to promote Roma Community Identity by increasing interest in the productions of Roma artistic handcrafts and opportunities of generating incomes for other productions that will contribute to the improvement of their life conditions.
CSCD Korca since January 2009 is the executive body of Korca Civil Cociety Development and Citizen’s Engagement Fund which is a pilot allocation of funding is supported by the tripartite agreement between the Municipality of Korça, the Civil Society Development Centre Korça and OSCE Presence in Albania. It aims to promote civic engagement and activism by create a sustainable municipal fund that will be used to support and implement the initiatives of active community individuals and commentary based groups towards the democratic development of the society.
CSDC Kora coordinated in 2009 the small scale projects: (i) We Lead We Vote (ii) Don’t Let The Others Decide For You, financed by UNIFEM in cooperation with two women organizations respectively Korca Women and Wemen in Developement Korce. The projecy aimed to mobilise women to come together as a political electorate raising their participation in the decision-making level, advocating against the familiar voting and sensitizing the candidates on gender equality issues and women rights in the local level
CSEDC Korca implemented in 2009 the project on Publication of the Municipal Statistical Bulletin in Korça.

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