Albania Disabled People Association (ADPA)
Tirana, Tirana

tel: + 355 4 2228 015    fax: + 355 4 2228 015
Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Human Rights
  • Youth
  • Education
  • Health
  • Children
  • Women
Executive Director
Llazar DAKO
Mission Statement
Mission of DPA is to promote the equal chances and the continuous protection of the Disabled People. Aiming the improvement of their life quality and of their families. The capacity development for social integration of the disabled people, through providing the high quality services and resources, as well as through active cooperation with all interested local and foreign parties. Our programs aim to have different support in the disabled field, such as in the field of human rights' protection, rehabilitation, socialization, education, professional formation, requesting the application of demotic standards.
Short Description

During 14 years of the life of ADPA, it has done a lot of activities and has participated in many projects. Some of those were:
- Project for consolidation of our organization,1995( 6 months) by “F.SH.SH.C”
- Project “Presentation of organization by leaflet”, support by “F.SH.SH.C”1997
- Support with mobile and orthopedics devices for members of our organization, 1996, donated by “F.SH.SH.C”
- Support with humanitarian aids for our members, 1996,1997,1998; donated by “Mercy International-USA”
- Participation in seminars, national and international conferences and seminars on disable people issues and on developing of civil associations
- ADPA is a local partnership in the project for producing of wheelchairs, together with OXSFAM/F.SH.D.P

- Partnership in local project “Solidarity and Handicap” in collaboration with two Italian organization CICA and CRIC , funded Phare -Lien, August 1996-December 1998
- Excursion project” Integration movement of people with disabilities”; January 1998, funded by SOROS
- Project” Professional training people with disability in the field of informatics for enlivening of community, funded by AEDP and CRS
- Implementation of two food distribution program with Mercy-USA and WFP, 1999-2000
- We implemented the program” Food for Progress”, donated by American people and its government, in partnership with “Mercy-USA for Aid and Development”,2002-2003. This program was extended in some districts, as in Skrapa, Durres, Lac ,Tirana, Fushe Arrez.
- Implementing partner in the project “Global Food For Educational Initiative” in Albania that is extended in Tirana, Lac districts 2002-2003 (funded by USDA)
- Program for an information office for the Right of Disable People , funded by SOROS ,2003-2004
- Implementing partner in the project “Food For Educational ” in Albania that is extended in Tirana, districts 2004-2005 (funded by USDA)

Actually we are implementing two programs. The first is a course for professional training in computer and learning English language, for young people with disability
The second one is the program for giving advisory assistance, for the right of people with disability. This program consists on giving legal and social assistance for them who are not aware of their right and for people with disability, when their right is violated

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