Hope for the future
Shkodra, Shkodra

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Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Human Rights
  • Education
  • Women
  • Enviroment and Forests
  • Culture and Sports
Executive Director
Pranvera Marku
Mission Statement
To support in education, integration and facilitate the every day's life of children who have special educational needs and to assist systematically in their family problems.
Short Description

1. Education and teaching activities with students of “Hope for the future” elementary school.
2. Free time activities with children and teenagers (summer camps, activities on Saturdays)
3. Professional course with girls and women.
4. Kindergarden for 03-06 year old children.
5. Intenational exchibition in painting.
6. International activities with the european network “Man – World for unity”.
7. Cultural cross – border activities in Montenegro.
8. International activities with teenagers for peace and environment.
9. Informative meetings with mothers on their children’s health education.
10. Charity activities for our community’s groups in need.
11. Anti – corruption and anti – traffic activities.

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