Albanian Alps Institute - AAI (Instituti i Alpeve te Shqiperise)
Shkodra, Shkodra

tel: +355 22255028 / +355 68 21 69 021    fax:
Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Education
  • Enviroment and Forests
Executive Director
Steve Cook
Mission Statement
- Supporting improved quality of education opportunities for the children and youth of the Malesia e Madhe region of Northern Albania - Protection of nature of the North Albania - Protection of the Biodiversity of Albanian Alps
Short Description

Establish lending libraries in the Shkrel District Schools during 2002-2009
Provide basic school supplies during 2003-2009
Provide teacher training stipends during 2006-2007
Offer student enrichment opportunities during 2002-2009
Hire English teachers during 2004-2009
Eyeglasses for students in Shkreli School District 2009
Lessons on the nature potentials and biodiversity of the Albanian Alps during 2005-2008
Excursions on the North Albania Mountains with students of Shkreli Schools during summers of 2006-2009
Cultivation of trees and plants on the schools gardens

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