Transborder Wildlife (NATYRA NDERKUFITARE)
Korca, Korca
Rruga Pandeli Cale Nr. 26 Korce
tel: +355 82 244346 / +355 69 2392199    fax: +355 82 243037
Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Agriculure and Rural Development
  • Capacity Buidling
Executive Director
Kristaq Shore
Mission Statement
Transborder Wildlife (NATYRA NDERKUFITARE) is a Non Governmental Organization that works to monitor and enhance the protection measures for environment. TWA works together with local people for the protection of environment, natural resources and wildlife enabling the community to implement effective measures that contribute to their livelihoods and sustainable development
Short Description

Transborder Wildlife Association (TWA) is member of international organizations: International Land Coalition, WSPA, Balkan Net, and World Animal Net (WAN) Networks.
During its thirteen years period TWA has done many activities related to nature protection, rural economic development and community participation in decision making. TWA works closely with rural organizations to raise their capacities and involve women participation in rural activities and decision making.
Short description of previous working experiences:

  • Enhancement of public awareness and establishment of collaboration network among Balkan countries.
  • Public awareness campaigns for development of private forestry.
  • Public awareness campaigns for the substitution of firewood with other alternatives.
  • Sustainable use of forest and controlled grazing to empower the community.
  • Involving local people to plant forest seedlings accompanied by controlling the erosion.
  • Public awareness campaigns and children education to implement concrete management actions in transborder rural area of Gramos and Morava.
  • Different activities for natural resources and sustainable development.
  • Concrete actions of community to gain access in forest management of village forest and property rights.
  • Enhance the ability of rural people for improvement of waste management in villages.
  • Participatory process for democratic territorial spatial through participatory mapping of forestland to gather information on community forestland claims where duties, rights and responsibilities over forestland are unclear using modern technology (GPS and map maker software).
  • THERMO ISOLATION AN ALTERNATIVE FOR ENERGY SAVING aiming to raise capacities of local organizations and public awareness for energy saving.
  • Recreation of the BALKAN NET, a network of conservation bodies in countries sharing continuous large carnivore populations. Aiming to build transborder partnership - improve capacity building in target countries - ensure transfer of present scientific knowledge - provide overview of the current large carnivore status in SE Europe.
  • Monitoring the animal captivity and public awareness for the status of Brown bear in Albania.
  • GREEN AGENDA (CREATION OF LOCAL ENVIRONMENTAL PLAN THROUGH BROAD PARTICIPATION OF COMMUNITY IN VOSKOPOJA COMMUNE) JOINING FORCES FOR RURAL PEOPLE EMPOWERMENT. The project is developing local action plan for the community through creation of partnerships, stakeholders and community’s engagement, in order to influence for the improvement of the environment and rural development through community participation.
  • Monitoring brown bear situation in Albania.
  • Re-estimate the number of brown bear in captivity in southern Albania as real facts for protection of animal rights and welfare.
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