Voice of Children Calls
Tirana, Tirana
Rr "Komuna e Parisit"{Pran Kopshtit Botanik} Pallati "Hazen"
tel: +355 68 21 44 884    fax: +355 4 23 20 570
Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Children
  • Women
  • Employmnet of returnees and internal migrants
  • Social services and Human development
Executive Director
Shega Murati
Mission Statement
The association "Voice of children calls" was established in February 2000 and it is registered in the court of Tirana with no 2356 in April 2000 as an association free of any religious or political influences. This association aims to educate and sensitize the public opinion, especially the parents, to play a very significant role in educating their children being partner with the school, parents, community and state institutions that deal with children's rights.
Short Description
  1. Educate and protect children’s rights
  2. To recognize every problem which puts a barrier to the socio-economical development of the children, in family, school or society
  3. Recognizing the situation of the emigrating families and the effects of emigration in Albanian families, and more specifically the effects that it has on children
    • The attempts that this association will consider about preventing human beings trafficking and, integration of young girls and women as victims of trafficking.
    • Giving social-economic help to those people who are suffering emigration and their progress in schools
    • Our association will intensify its energy in order to enliven the social-cultural live of children, especially of the children who live in rural areas
    • Organizing awareness campaigns and seminars about the role of woman as a mother, spouse and a very important educator
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