Creative City
Shkodra, Shkodra

tel: +355 222 43912 / +355 682096691    fax: +355 222 47514 / 42897
Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Turism Development
  • Culture and Sports
Executive Director
Armando Lohja / Valbona Karakaci;;
Mission Statement
- Association aims to develop cultural relations between Albania, Italy, other European countries and USA etc SLLOGAN "Transform communities through culture"
Short Description

The Creative City identifies and builds positive models of using culture in promoting development like creative industries or businesses, innovative solution of conflicts etc.

The Creative City organizes activities of social cultural nature for advertising cultural values as well as causing as site effect reflections for a better and welfare world like beautification of cities, TV and massive shows topic oriented etc.

Dissemination of best practices in cultural and art affair like promotion of good young talented artists or known worldwide art and cultural works are another domain of our activities.

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