Albanian Disability Rights Foundation
Tirana, Tirana

tel: +355 4 2269426    fax: +355 4 2269426
Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Human Rights
  • Education
  • Social services and Human development
  • Culture and Sports
Executive Director
Blerta Cani
Mission Statement
Promote equal opportunities and constsnt protection of the rights of people with disabilities aiming at improving quality of their life and life of their family members.
Short Description

The Albanian Disability Rights Foundation begun as an operational Oxfam program(The Disability Unit in Tirana) in January 1994 and gradually developed and grew into a locally registered independent NGO ( foundation) in October 1996. Since its foundation, ADRF has functioned as a coordination centre for undertaking the major initiatives that lead to the improvement of the quality of the life of the people with disability in Albania.
The strategy of ADRF includes continuous monitoring of the whole social, economic, political and cultural developments leading to day-to-day respect and equalization of opportunities for PWD. So focusing at grass roots level, i.e. empowering people with PWD and their family members as a driving force towards change, ADRF intervenes at the parliamentary and governmental level by organizing advocacy campaigns and lobbying together with and in favor of PWD.
Main Areas of Activities
Information, documentation, training and technical assistance center/Free legal aid service/
Lobby, Advocacy and Disability Awareness on Accessibility, Education, Employment, Health Care and Social services, Electoral and political participation of PwD /Employment and mobility means for PWD. Disability rights and Gender Equality remains one of basic principal through all interventions.

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