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Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Human Rights
  • Youth
  • Education
  • Vocational Training
  • Social services and Human development
Executive Director
Padre Giovanni Salustri
Mission Statement
Social Centre Murialdo for the professional formation and youth education is an organisation with an educative, humanitarian, non-governative. This organisation on the chart of a free practise of a useful function for the general interest, stirs up the professional formation and every activity with an educative, cultural, sportive, artistic, scientific character to contribute for a human self-formation process in the social life of Albanian national community.
Short Description

The Centre has begun a series of initiatives to understand the problem and to find some possibilities connected with the problems of youth attention for going in Italy, minors brought abroad for begging, drug, prostitution, and the increased minors violence.
For this phenomenon the first contribute was given from the Centre in collaboration with ENGIM. Since 1995 are held different seminars, trainings with different Italian and Albanian experts and local authorities.
The Centre is operating creating an educative family, where an important place has the youth and the educators.
One of the main duties for the educators is their professional growth. About this, the Centre is engaged for a training of the educators and different collaborators that work in this centre. For this reason has begun the educator’s preparation with different stages for 6 months.
For different activities are done special trainings with foreign organisations, connected with sport, cultural and social activities, and weekly meetings.
19th February 1996 - has signed an according with the Albanian Ministry of Work, for the realization and administration of the Professional Formation project. The agreement is signed from ENGIM and the Italian Ambassador in Tirana.
13th January 1997 - began regularly the courses for the professional formation of Secretaries, Foreign Languages (English, Italian), and Electricians. The duration of these courses is 2 years. The certificates are signed from the Ministry of Work. In 1997 is opened a course for sewing. In 2000 has began an experimental course for mechanics, for the young with social problems or reintegrated.
In 2003 started the professional courses for young people,14-18 years old with the duration 6-9 months for professions Dural, Carpenter ,Sheaf-iron worker, Electroute. At the end of the course a certificate is given to the students and Murialdo Social Center (MSC) helps theme finding a job in the private companies in Fier.
In 2003 started the courses in writing and reading with Roms children living in the villages Baltëz, Roskovec, Mbrostar, new Seman, Drizë who are not registered in schools or some of them may have abundant it. In this activity are involved 50 children in every academic year. Except the reading and writing we teach theme music and do different integrative activities and different games, which are played even with other children who join QSM..
There are other main activities and initiatives that help youth to be protagonist in different levels. 1995 have begun different twinning between Italian and Albanian young. Then the typical summer experience “The Summer for the Children”, different camping excursions, the Kittens Feast, different sportive (football) activities, every 10th December is feasted the Tolerance Day, The Centre is an open place for young and is always ready to help them.
5. Charity
In cooperation with Italian families we build support for families in need in the city of Fier

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