Tjeter Vizion
Elbasan, Elbasan

tel: +355 54 25 2919    fax: +355 54 253397
Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Human Rights
  • Civil Society Development
  • Education
  • Women
  • Social services and Human development
Executive Director
Arian Cala
Mission Statement
To offer social services for children, young and women at risk by helping them in their personal development and reintegration into society.
Short Description

The association is recognized in the values of solidarity and social justice and human. The basic principles of "Tjetër Vizion" are the respect for human dignity, solidarity, equitable distribution of economic resources, mutual help, internal and external democracy and devotion. "Tjetër Vision is an open association which works closely with public institutions, the municipality, social services (SS), the Office for Protection of the Children Rights, Terre des Hommes, the Office of the fight against trafficking , police district, the National Centre for the Reception of Victims of Trafficking and Religious Institutions. Tjetër Vision is the member of the Alliance for the Protection of children rights, member and national coordinator of the coalition of shelter community supported by USAID CAAHT program, a member of the national network anti-trafficking, a member of the National Mechanism of Reference for the victims of trafficking, a member of the Committee and of the technique table Anti Traffic in the prefecture of Elbasan. Tjetër Vision has also provided its expertise in writing standards for residential services that deal with victims of trafficking. He had and still has the support of the following partners: CEFA (European Committee for Education and Agriculture - NGO with headquarters in Bologna, Italy), CIES (Center for Information Development and Education - NGOs based in Rome, Italy), European Commission, CAAHT - Coordinated Action Against Trafficking in Human Beings-USAID program, Regione Emilia Romagna, King Baudouin Fontation, Municipality of Elbasan, other European donors, Public and Private.
Tjeter Vizion has participated in the composition of the National Strategy for Social Services, the Constitution of the National Strategy for Children, Strategy Against Trafficking of Human Beings. Tjetër Vizion is active player at the office of Area Plans, a member of the Alliance for Children, Coalition Shelter National Anti-trafficking, "TVRP” women network leading by King Baudouin Foundation, Together Against the Trafficking of Children "(BKTF) National Referral Mechanism for victims of trafficking.
Tjeter Vizion association has managed :
- The Social Services Centre "Sunflower" for children and families in difficulty, in Gramsh, opened in September 2002, made by the Daily Centre for Children and the Daily Centre for women.
Tjetër Vision currently manages the following centres / social services: 

1. The Centre Social Services for children and families in difficulty, opened in May 2002, composed by:
Shelter Community
Protected Apartments.
High autonomy Apartments
Daily Centre for Children

2.Youth Centre "RIEMAR" opened in September 2003 to help young people in difficulty”
3. Centre for women and girls in difficulty “New moon” opened in September 2002 and composed by:
Residential Centre
Daily Centre

4. Centre for Professional trainings
Shelter community

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