The Foundation "Regional Centre of Development and Monitoring of Infrastructure, Environment and Civil Society" (ZMIMSC Foundation)
Gjirokastra, Gjirokastra

tel: +355 84 2 6 2455    fax: +355 84 2 6 2455
Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Local Development
  • Women
  • Governance and anticorruption
  • Vocational Training
  • Enviroment and Forests
Executive Director
Englantina Gjini
Mission Statement
a. Support, development and monitoring of all factors that tend the economic and socio-cultural development of the region; b. To foster the creation and development of added values through a three dimensional cooperation among community, local governance and public administration; c. To coordinate, adapt, implement and manage certain contribution resources and programs/projects that the foreign or domestic donors and partners offer to the local community or superstructure.
Short Description

ZMIMSC foundation has been registered in the Law Court of Tirana in 28th February 2003. It is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. Since February 2003 and on the foundation has implemented many projects on different fields as below:
- Supporting since October 2004 the project “Terre Des Hommes” providing to them the necessary premises for the successful implementation of the project in Gjirokastra region
- ZMIMSC is a member of the NGO coalition of Gjirokastra region and it has been one of the main promoters of its creation. This coalition started to function in October 2007 and more than 20 NGOs are members of it.
- 4-month project (10April-10August 2005) on behalf of the parliamentary elections “Each vote matters… even mine” financed by USAID/ Democracy and Governance in Albania.
- Implementation of a UNDP project in Gjirokastra Region related to civil society needs assessment from 15 November –30 November 2005.
- Implementation of the project “I support good governance- Rebuild your city- promote heritage” (from November 2006- until February 2007). It was mainly based in an awareness campaign of 12 local NGO-s coordinated by ZMIMSC and supported by Partners/Albania through USAID/ Democracy and Governance in Albania.
- “Citizens’ & Civil Society Organizations participation in policy making - new forms of Good Governance for local development in Albania.” Project September-October 2007 financed by Partners/Albania through USAID/ Democracy and Governance in Albania.
- “Ethnic diversity, an important factor on local development” project financed by US Embassy. Project period September 2006-August 2007. This project aimed in sensitizing the community of Gjirokastra district in the effective management of local human and natural resources, historic and traditional values, and ethnic diversity, and foster sustainable development of the region.
- The project “Empowerment of vulnerable groups to be important partners in the social development of Gjirokastra”. The project is financially supported by Open Society Foundation for Albania – SOROS Foundation. Project period 15 May 2007- 15 May 2008.
- “Youth Parliament” Project financed by UNICEF – 2006, 2008, 2009 which consists in amplification of youth voice.
- “Enabling young people to foster cohabitation approaches and affect local decision making policies” financed by US Embassy. Project period September 2009-April 2010 which aims in building youth capacities fostering them to participate in decision making process.

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