Institute for Contemporary Studies (ISB)
Tirana, Tirana

tel: +355 4 2251010    fax: +355 4 2234868
Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Civil Society Development
  • Education
  • Capacity Buidling
  • Economic Development
  • Justice
Executive Director
Artan Hoxha
Mission Statement
ISB's mission is to promote and support the development of Albania, based on free and functional market economy, consolidated democracy, rule of law, modernization and Europeanization
Short Description

ISB’s activity has focused on these main areas: i) policy development and implementation; ii) institutional and human capacity development; iii) encouraging public information and participation
Policy research and development: ISB has contributed to the development of some of the most important reforms (policy and legal frameworks) in Albania, such as the National Strategy for Social Economic Development; Decentralization and Local Autonomy Reform; Fiscal and Budget Policies; Trade Liberalization and Export Promotion; Reduction of Administrative Barriers; Public Administration; Judiciary, etc.
Awareness and participation: ISB is devoted to the facilitation and promotion of consultation and active participation of stakeholders in decision-making. In all its engagement ISB has always used the approach of building partnership and promoting the participation of stakeholders in new policy and law making processes and their effective implementation as an approach that increases awareness and builds so as to pave the way for the right choice and a successful implementation.
Capacity building; monitoring and evaluation: ISB projects of new policy and legislation are always followed by activities that seek to ensure successful implementation by respective public authorities. The follow-up methodology combines TA for preparation for implementation action plans, trainings, preparation of guides, monitoring and evaluation methodologies etc.

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