ALB-AID (Albanian Association of Assitance for Integration and Development)
Kukes, Kukes
Hotel Gjallica, K.II/203, Kukes and Rruga 'Kajo Karafili' pallati 'Bimbashi' Sh. II, K. II, Ap. 2. Tirane
tel: +355 2422 4006     fax: +355 2422 4006
Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Human Rights
  • Local Development
  • Children
  • Capacity Buidling
  • Social services and Human development
Executive Director
Jonuz Kola
Mission Statement
ALB-AID serves to the most marginalized, disadvantaged and excluded groups and individuals with or without disabilities, who are victims of mines, SALW, UXO's, ERW, victims of trafficking, abuse, violence and discrimination, amongst them primarily children and women, to have access to, and influence upon local social-economic and political resources.
Short Description

ALB-AID (former VMA - currently ALB-AID) was established as a local NGO from the former local staff of Mine Risk Education Project of Care International after the Kosovo crisis. Initially ALB-AID (former VMA) conducted MRE in 39 mine affected villages of Kukes region. While working in these areas on MRE, it identified local needs of these communities and was gradually involved in Victims’ Assistance and Child Protection.
During the period 2001-2009, ALB-AID (former VMA) implemented a series of community based Projects focussing on:
a) People’s awareness/education on land mines threat;
b) Victims Assistance for social-economic and physical reintegration of mine survivors
c) Child Protection and Anti-trafficking Initiatives in Kukes region

As a result of improvement of awareness and education of communities and school children on land mines threat, accidents from mines and UXO’s have been reduced from 191 in 1999 to 0 from 2006-2009 in Kukes region.
Through Victims Assistance Program ALB-AID has offered various services to 238 mine victims and other persons with disabilities such as logistic support to have access to medical services like physiotherapy, orthopaedics, and psycho-social counselling. It has also conducted regular ongoing visits to mine survivors including peer support and social mobilization. ALB-AID has also supported mine survivors and their families with capacity building, vocational trainings and income generation initiatives.

A lot of efforts have been made to support child protection and anti-trafficking initiatives in the region. With UNICEF funding ALB-AID has established Child Protection Unit in Kukes municipality and has build the capacities of local front line workers and social servants. To promote and monitor implementation of children’s rights in the region by Government Institutions, Child Protection Observatory has been established.

ALB-AID has also contributed to the establishment and empowerment of School Governments of Primary schools of Kukes region. It has organized a lot of extracurricular activities and anti-trafficking campaigns. A special monthly newspaper for school children set up with funding from EU Commissions and supported from Unicef and US Department of States is being published since 2006 from ALB-AID.

Considering the experience gained working with mine survivors in the Kukes region, ALB –AID has included in its projects persons with disabilities as well. Based on the expertise created and experience gained in the Kukes region, ALB –AID is extending its activities to other regions of Albania. Starting from March 2008, ALB-AID is working in Gerdec, Tirana to keep the affected communities aware of the UXO/ERW threat. It also started SALW Risk Education in other regions of Albania.(Elbasan-Peqin and Gramsh, Shkoder and Puke)

During the 10 years time ALB-AID has been funded by different foreign donors such as US Department of States/ ITF , (59,3 %), UNICEF Albania (21,9%), UNDP Albania (11,8%), American Embassy, European Commission, Albanian Business.

Currently ALB-AID has 30 full time and 21 part time staff members and is implementing 10 projects for the total amount of $ US 630,965.
ALB-AID in its 10 years of its existence has created a lot of local expertise and models for other NGO’s of the region in mobilizing communities in the areas of community awareness, assistance, development, training and education.
Some of former employees of ALB-AID in the last 5 years have got leading positions in other Institutions and Companies working in Kukes.

Subject and scope of the work of NGO
1. To support individuals and excluded groups in need, with or without disabilities who are victims of mines, SALW, UXO’s, ERW; victims of trafficking, abuse, violence and discrimination primarily children and women to win their social-economic independence and to be integrated into society through increase of possibilities for economic empowerment, education and alternative vocational professional training.
2. To raise the awareness of public opinion about Mine/ERW Education, trafficking, road traffic and social risks
3. To support the local government units, public (education) institutions and NGO’s for the implementation of human rights in general, children’s rights in particular.
4. To monitor implementation of different Conventions and strategies for children and women from government institutions and other relevant actors of civil society
5. To identify and address all forms of discrimination of the targeted groups through different publications
6. To identify and empower capacities of local service providers for these excluded and disadvantaged groups
7. To support local government units for the improvement of human security, social-economic transformation and reduction of poverty of excluded , disadvantaged and marginalized groups.
8. To advocate and lobbing on behalf of targeted excluded disadvantaged groups to know and have access to their social-economic, and cultural rights ,

Services carried by ALB-AID

ALB-AID carries the following services:
1. Social Services for the integration of victims of mines, SALW, UXO’s, ERW; victims of trafficking, abuse, violence and discrimination, primarily for children and women: psycho-social assistance, rehabilitation, referral, inegration activities, medical care, etc.
2. Education: trainings, awareness, public campaigns, etc.
3. Capacity building and community development, professional vocational training, counseling and support for local enterprise.
4. Economic activities for the support of the targeted excluded and marginalized groups
5. Gathering/Collection of Information, monitoring, studies, evaluations and publications for the implementation and protection of human rights in general, women and children’s rights in particular.
6. Lobbing and advocacy on behalf of victims of mines, SALW, UXO’s, ERW, victims of trafficking, abuse, violence and discrimination,
7. Legal assistance for marginalized groups and the needy ones.
Trageted groups: Excluded, marginalized and disadvantaged individuals ( with or without disabilities) and groups who are:
1. victims of military orcivil conflicts : victims of mines, SALW, munitions, UXO’s/ERW.
2. victims of social-economic trauma: children, youngsters and women who are victims of trafficking, abuse, violence and discrimination
3. Communities of above mentioned groups

Specific objectives of strategic plan ( 20010-2014):
1.To extend victims Assistance services to UXO/ERW/ munitions victims all-over Albania

2. To contribute to the improvement of Human Security in Albania by extending from Mine Risk Education service in the north to risk education service all-over Albania (including SALW risk education/ ERW/UXO, abandoned munitions/ car/road traffic
3. To contribute to the prevention of disabilities resulting from traffic accidents/ ERW/UXO accidents by increasing proper community and institutional responses allover Albania.

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