Center of Ekolevizja Group
Tirana, Tirana
Rruga "Abdyl Frasheri", Ish Klinika Qeveritare, Shk 3/4
tel: +355 4 2234851    fax: +355 4 2234851
Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Enviroment and Forests
Executive Director
Xhemal Mato
Mission Statement
To join and empower the voice of enviromental member NGOs and individuals for comon and effective actions for environmental issues in Alania, to sereve as a tool for coalition building and strengthening of the environmental movement in Albania. - to be a strong opponence to the environmental policy-making and their implementation monitoring and an active force against the miss-conceived environmental policies and of negative impact to the country´s development and people health; - a partner in the resolving environmental issues and pro-active in studing various sustainable environmental alternatives of developement; - active participator in the sustainable environmental policies-making and deceision-making; - a Centre for management and coordination of environmental movement and environment monitoring, and of research and dissemination of on-site environmental information, in the interest of wider public and comunity; - a Centre to develop and implement environmentally friendly project of varous topics according and due to the member NGOs expertize.; - a Centre to instituniolazed action of legal initiatives and international conventions in the public interest to inform them and develop the transparency. - a centre offering advice, consultancy and various topical trainings for the environmental issues and the upgrading of effectiveness of NGOs activities. - prepare and publish periodically a newspapaer titled 'Ekolevizja' focused on environmental information and environmental problems for a wider public of Albania.
Short Description

 Center of “Ekolevizja” Grouping is a network of 37 environmental NGO-s with different profile that covers all Albanian’s areas. The Group was created of the indispensability of strengthening the joint voice and willingness to build up the synergy and undertake concrete actions of the civil society to exert the demanding pressure to the decision-makers in this development stage of the country, to prevent the negative environment impact and sustain an environmentally friendly development
Center Ekolevizja Group is offering:
• The rich experiences count in library with different materials produced from them, about environment issues such as: studies, education, examinations and monitoring, investigative data etc. The publications of each NGO are brochures, kits, leaflets, posters, postcards, calendars, etc.
• More than 112 biweekly periodical numbers of “Ekolevizja” that includes a lot of environmental articles in news, investigation,
• The richest film archive (more than 60 documentaries and more than 1000 hours records) about Albanian nature, environmental issues, environmental education and ecotourisme. (The list of documentaries produced from “Ekolevizja” member NGO “M&M” are subjoined)
In 2004 “Ekolevizja” Group was awarded “Leadership NGO of year in Albanian civil society”
Some other achievements:
• Producing and spreading the biweekly newspaper, “EKOLEVIZJA” which publish professional environmental information and powerful investigative articles on environmental issues. Now the “Ekolevizja” newspaper is very widespread and its subscription have risen from 150 in year 2004, to 600 in year 2009;
• Organizing joint actions in big campaign of Albanian civil society against government agreement to import urban waste from Italy and to be incinerated in our country. The campaign forced down the government to stop the signed agreement
• The campaign about the protection of a nature amenity such as the Black Lake, wherein it was planned to build up in a protected area a hydropower station which will exploit the waters of the lake.
• The campaign about the protection of habitants from the industrial pollution in Elbasan. The main purpose of the campaign was to create communication channels with the local government and also support from the civil society.
• The campaign about Porto Romano construction risks: impact on public health, sea, environment and agriculture from coal power plant etc.

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