Albanian Socio Economic Think Tank (ASET)
Tirana, Tirana

tel: +355 4 2258 171    fax: +355 4 2258 171
Areas / Sector of Interests
  • SMEs capacity building
  • Education
  • Health
  • Local Development
  • Agriculure and Rural Development
  • Governance and anticorruption
  • Turism Development
  • Economic Development
  • Enviroment and Forests
  • EU Integration
  • Culture and Sports
  • Legislation
Executive Director
Fatmir Memaj
Mission Statement
ASET represents an alternative to offer the proper expertise on the issues related to stimulation of the improvement of the whole economic and social mechanism, by extending the consciousness of the different levels of the society in this process.
Short Description

ASET ALBANIAN SOCIO-ECONOMIC THINK TANK is an NGO founded in 1999 through the initiative of a group of experienced researchers.
ASET is thus introducing itself to the State, as well as to private institutions, as a new source of providing expertise on projects and programs designed to socio-economic policies, awareness, dissemination and education of their targeted groups.
ASET’s goal is to promote economic development and social welfare. ASET has
developed more than 40 projects in cooperation with different national and
international organization like Government of Albania, different Albanian
ministries, World Bank, SOROS Foundation, US-Embassy, IFAD, GTZ, SEED, GDN, Brookings Insitution (US), UNIFEM, UNFPA, IOM etc
List of some the projects developed by ASET:
- Recycling Linkages – Technical Assistance to Government
- Volunteerism – Element of Social Partnership
- Stimulation and Awareness of Business Community Regarding Fiscal Education, a Possibility to Benefit for All the Community
- Albania: Savings, Credit and Investments in North Eastern Mountain Areas
- Albania – Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategy (Gprs)
- Design and implementation of a labor markets salary survey in albania
- Survey on local fees and taxes for business operating in albania
- The statistical system and his principal indicators in albania
- The elaboration of a financial survey over companies, budgetary institutions which depends from food and agricultural ministry
- Principles of market economy project
- The stimulation and the sensibilization of participation of business community in anticorruption initiatives
- The stimulation and the sensibilization of participation of business community in anticorruption initiatives
- Transforming potential of e-government in albania
- Sectorial studies – refrigeratory capacities in albania
- Urbanization process and “industrial tows”
- Urbanization process and “industrial tows”
- Brain drain in South East Europe: Albanian case
- etc
- Public Relationships of Tax Administration
- Questionnaire Survey Manual
- What Businesses Operating in Albania Need to Know
- Harmonization of Social Policies with Educational Policies
- Lessons and Recommendations for Improvement: Central and Eastern European Public Administration and Public Policy
- Field Survey: “Identification of existing opportunities for vocational training for returning migrants in Albania: gaps and recommendations”
- Manual: “Planning expenditures in infrastructure, Roads and Water Supplies”
- Conducting a survey on ‘Women’s Participation in the Election Process’
- Fiscal decentralization and grant transfers in transition countries. A critical Perspective.
- Manual of the public – local government units relations
- Economic Development and European Integration – realities and challenges

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