Albanian Institute of Social Integration (AISI)
Tirana, Tirana
Rruga Muahamet Gjollesha, Pall. 142, Shk. 1, Ap. 4.
tel: +355 682197917    fax:
Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Human Rights
  • EU Integration
  • Social services and Human development
Executive Director
Juliana Zaharia
Mission Statement
Albanian Institute of Social Integration (AISI) is established with the mission to sensibly individuals, social groups, national and international structures, governmental and nongovernmental structures and all the components of the society, for protection and promotion of the Human Rights in general, and the right for social integration in particular.
Short Description

 Albanian Institute of Social Integration (AISI) has been the first nongovernmental organization that in 2001 started an intensive campaign for sensibly government institutions, and especially organizations of civil society, media and educational institutions for the high levels of involvement of Albanian communities in human trafficking.
With support of important organisms and international organizations that work in Albania: European Commissions Programs, Royal Netherlands Embassy in Tirana, Progressive Protection Services (PPS), Open Society Foundation-Albania, etc., AISI worked through intensive Public Awareness Campaign for increasing and activation Citizens and Communitarian Structures’ reactions in people, especially teenagers’ Human Rights protection and promotion from Criminality and Illegal Traffics in the most affected cities of Albania.
Through implementation and realization of several and intensive activities through high professional standards AISI is supporting large parts of Citizens’ Forums and Groups, Governmental Institutions, Educational Institutions and Universities, Media’ Operators and Communitarian Alliances of most suburban and peripheral areas of Albania to reconsider attitudes and professional approaches to criminality and its impact to Albanian society, save from wrong and supportive stereotypes and mentalities.

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