Psycho-Social Centre 'Vatra'
Vlora, Vlora

tel: + 355 33 224078    fax: + 355 33 224078
Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Human Rights
  • Social services and Human development
Executive Director
Brikena Puka
Mission Statement
The support of the strata in need especially of the women and girls and youth in the region of the Southern Albania through the awareness programs and delivery of the social services in community.
Short Description

 Vatra bases the realization of its activities in signed Cooperation Agreements with state institutions such as: Ministry of Public Order, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Ministry of Justice, General Prosecution, Municipalities, Communes and different National and International Organizations. The several agreements at central level are being legitimated even at local level with all the local institutions we work with.

From 1999 and onward Vatra Centre has been implementing projects in the prevention field, to sensitize the women and girls, young people and the community in general to the risk these phenomena represent such as : trafficking, violence, drugs , SST( Sexually Transmitted Diseases) etc and orientations how to be protected from them.

In 2001 “Vatra” expanded its activity establishing the first shelter in Albania for accommodating, rehabilitating and reintegrating the girls and women, victims of trafficking in human beings and domestic violence.

From 2003 and onward, Vatra is a member of the National Working Group for Drafting and Developing the Anti-Trafficking Strategies and Action Plans of the Albanian Government and is involved as a partner in the implementation of the tasks and measures taken under the National Anti-Trafficking Strategy for 2005-2007and 2008-2010. Vatra is a subscribed member of the National Referral Mechanism
It was also included as a member of the Working Group established by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities for drafting the standards on social services delivery.

It realizes projects in two main fields : Prevention, Rehabilitation and Reintegration of human trafficking and Domestic violence victims.

In prevention it develops sensitizing campaigns in urban and rural areas in all Southern Albania, to make aware the students of the high and 9-classes schools, girls and women and the community in general on the risk the negative phenomena represent, with the aim the prevention and protection from them.

In the rehabilitation-reintegration field, Vatra Centre directs a shelter which offers 24 hour services for the accommodation, rehabilitation and reintegration of the trafficked and domestic violence victims.

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