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Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Youth
  • Education
  • Children
  • EU Integration
  • Social services and Human development
Executive Director
Zemaida Mozali
Mission Statement
Our Association, initially named “Parents for children” has been established in 1997 in Shkoder. The center of our Association is in Shkoder where we have also our activity, but with time we intend to possibly establish other branches in other cities in Northern Albania. The Association is an independent, non-political, non-governmental, non-profitable one, which has been established and consolidated along with civil society in Albania. In our activity we cooperate with other organizations, associations, local government, the University of Shkodra and other structures in and out Shkodra. Supported initially by CRS (Catholic Relief Services, concretely Mrs. Blerinda Idrizi, Mrs. Albana Dino) and by Soros Foundation (AEDP, actually Mr. Saimir Repishti), our Association has been very successful in its activities. As I have written above, initially the target of our activities were the children. Then, with the passing of time and with a growing experience and with growing problems for the youngsters, we have widened our targets to the youth. The main aim of establishing this organization has been the working in group and with more possibilities for our children, for the youth, for the new generation, to work more today for a better future. With a strong conviction that the best investment we can do for our children id the education, we have mainly concentrated our activity in this field, education of the youth. This will be the only hope for a changed world, for a better future. The focus of our work: • Raise the awareness of young people about such an NGO and the possibility to get involved in our mission and activities • Engagement of all group-ages in the activities • Engagement of the youngsters in our activities, so to make they really effective and helpful to address their problems • Sensibilization of the parents for their role in education of their children, raise of the awareness related to the rights and duties to their children • Cooperation with schools a powerful partner in this mission. The training of the teachers with contemporary methods of teaching in order to increase the quality • Cooperation with local government as a facilitator of our work • Establishment, strengthening of partnership between school-family • Creation of the Bords of parents, which were very active and fully contributed for the problems of education • Cooperation among schools in order to share problems and experience • Raise of public awareness about the importance of community involvement in the problems our children have in school and out • Cooperation with other organizations and associations whose mission converge directly or indirectly with that of our association
Short Description

 Since its establishment, our association has been active, organizing many activities. We have always considered the fact that investing for new generation is the best way to think and work for the future of our country. So, our work and activities has focused mainly to these youngsters, of course trying to involve other strata of society, which either directly or indirectly are related to children, students, youngsters. These activities have had their impact in our community; they have helped to address the negative phenomena the youth is facing in this period of transition.
In “Ismail Qemali” school, we have organized training activities with teachers and parents, related to communication with pupils.
In “Ndre Mjeda” school, they have been organized seminars such as “Engagement of community in school problems”. Or in other schools we have organized “Happy-Hippo-Show” in order to “PROMOTING POSSITIVE MESSAGES THROUGH MEDIA” . These activities have been of high interest not only for students, but also for teachers and parents. All together have required to apply this as the best way to promote good behavior and to fight the negative phenomena of the time we are living. These kind of shows we have done directly after the experience we got in a training seminar, supported by Bahai International, Paris, and what we have always considered important was to put into practice these experiences.
Some of these activities have been supported by the abovementioned religious centers, such as Bahai Center in Paris and Tirana Center. With the center of Paris we continue to cooperate in the monthly Newsletter, which one is delivered in all over the world.
It is important to underline the fact that the President of our Organization, Mrs. Zemaida Mozali, has been awarded a Diploma from American Embassy in Tirana “For notable contribution in consolidation of civil society in Albania”, considering also the contribution of our Organization.
Other activities have been with other NGOs or meetings with parents in “Ali Lacej” School, to make them involve in an effective way in the education of their children, considering the fact that the partnership school-family can be one very important to address some of the actual problems the school and the family is facing actually.
With time, we have considered as necessary to modify our work and the category of stakeholders, meaning that our Organization was open for all people interested to work for the present and the future, not only youngsters, but also their teachers, their parents, community and other interested people.
So, while continuing our work, we have re-registered in 2005, keeping and upgrading the mission and work of our Organization.
Actually we are working to find other partners with whom we can cooperate in the future to better realize the mission of our association.

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