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Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Human Rights
  • Education
  • Employmnet of returnees and internal migrants
  • Information and Technology
  • Culture and Sports
Executive Director
Besnik Mustafaj
Mission Statement
AFALC intends to respond to the broad consensus among nations, cultures and religious beliefs that all soecieties are inder-dependent in their endeavors for development, security and economic prosperity. AFALC intends to become a regional centre, to generate a collective and political will aimed at mobilization in joint actions, at institutional and social level, in order to overcome prejudices, erroneous perceptions and the opposing polarisation to this consensus. AFALC’ s work target will be the introduction to culture, arts, traditions, beliefs and other values that shape the individualities of communities, nations, nationalities and civilizations. Engagement in upholding them will go hand in hand with the identification and promotion of common values and identitical interests. AFALC will contribute to the establishment of an Albanian, regional and european movement, reflecting the will of the majority of people in opposing extremism in the society.
Short Description


1. 30/10/2007- 30/01/2008
Identification of Roma Community children whom are not attending the obligatory education in collaboration with Open Society Foundation for Albania, Soros Foundation

2. 15/12/2007- 30/06/2008
The compilation and the implementation of the Albanian National Strategy in the framework of two years plan of the “Alliance of Civilization” - in collaboration with the Albanian Ministry of Foreign Affaires

3. 27/10/2007- 27/10/2009
The historical relationship between Albania and European Union and its perspective of integration in the EU – in collaboration with the Albanian Ministry of Science and Education

4. 17/ 04/ 2008
Seminar “Integration of emigrants - A common Challenge”- in collaboration with FAI-CILS (Italy)

5. 01/10/2008 – 25/12/2008
“The improvement of Roma and Egyptian Business indicators through professional fiscal assistance” - supported by Open Society Foundation for Albanian, Sorros Foundation.

6. 13 / 05/ 2008
Auditorium “The Alliance of Civilizations and the New Global Order”- in collaboration with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain, in Tirana

7. 20/ 04 / 2009
Conference on the “The crucial role of Literature and Culture between nations” – with the participation of the Serb writer Vidosav Stefanovic – in collaboration with the European University of Tirana.

8. 21/ 09 /2009
“Play for Peace” – supported by Euro-Mediterranean Anna Lindh Foundation

9. 26 – 29/ 10/ 2009
Seminar on the “Challenges and Solutions for the Inter-religious Coexistence in the Euro-Mediterranean Region” in collaboration with the Euro-Mediterranean Anna Lindh Foundation

10. 03/ 02 /2010
Round –Table “Woman and Religion” - supported by Euro-Mediterranean Anna Lindh Foundation

11. 10/06/2009 – 30/04/2010
“EU immigration polices: regional advocacy and lobbing for changes and improvements to the structures of EU”- supported by open Open Society Foundation for Albania, Sorros Foundation

12. 15/11/2009 – 14/11/2010
Rapid Response Media Mechanism - supported by Joint Program UNDP & UNESCO

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