RASP (Rural Association Support Programme)
Tirana, Tirana

tel: +355 4 2404584    fax:
Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Local Development
  • Agriculure and Rural Development
  • Enviroment and Forests
  • Social services and Human development
Executive Director
Petrit Dobi
Mission Statement
The mission of RASP is to stimulate opportunities for rural people to improve their livelihoods and reduce poverty, by making best use of natural, cultural and human resources to achieve sustainable development.
Short Description

 RASP has supported several initiatives in establishing many interest groups and associations in Albania since the beginning of its activities. The results of this work have been sustainable and visible. Some of those association are the most active associations in Albania.
RASP has an excellent track record, in terms of performance in delivering services, and in financial management of grants. Activities carried out include:

  • needs identification and analysis,
  • field surveys, 
  • training, 
  • advice, 
  • demonstrations and exhibitions,
  • cross-border and international links,
  • production and dissemination of information
  • problem-solving seminars
  • project management
  • monitoring and evaluation.

Ongoing Projects

"Involvement of the community and civil society in strategic planning for local development on Environment and tourism sector in Kukes region" 2009-2010
The project aims to involve different interest groups from community to actively participate in design of 5 year action plan for development of tourism in Kukes region.

“Replacing Medicinal Chemicals Extracted from Wild Plants in Albania” 2009-2010
The project take place in Kukes district, in 4 communes and 29 villages. The project aims to raise awareness of community and especially youth, in protection of environment and especially medicinal herbs form illegal exploitation. It also aims to promote and support farmers to practise growing of medicinal herbs as a sustainable alternative, and reduce the threat to fragile mountain ecosystems and biodiversity in Albania.

Main Projetcs 2005-2009

“Assertion of Mountain People’s Rights through a Farmers’ Forum, northern Albania” 2005-2009
The purpose was to establish sustainable mechanisms through which rural constituents in the target areas can assert their rights to access information and services, and undertake constructive advocacy with public decision-makers in order to shift policy measures to take account of the special needs and situation of mountain dwellers. Key outputs of the project included the establishment of democratic farmers' forums in each of selected districts to provide the mechanism for constructive engagement with government; a series of policy papers to impact on public policy; cross-border and cross-sector cooperation between rural interest groups; and events and competitions.

“Strengthening Rural Democracy in Northern part of Albania” 2005-2009. The goal of the project was to empower farmers and smallholders to influence policy on agricultural and rural livelihood issues in the Puka, Kukes, and Has upland regions of Albania at local and national level, to the long-term benefit of the rural areas.

“ Community Enterprise & Development Project ” in Butrinti National Park where RASP in partnership with Butrinti Foundation, has implemented several activities to support agriculture development, especially develop products for tourist market. 2006-2008

“Strengthening of democratic beekeeper associations in Kosovo and Albania” 2002-2004 The project aim was to support former beekeepers association in western Kosovo, to strengthen their capacity in serving their members and find the proper role of associations/organizations in the new democratic society.

“Development of sustainable practices for production, collection and marketing of medicinal and aromatic herbs from Puka District” 2002-2004

“Reducing rural poverty in the Puka region of northern Albania through diversification into beekeeping” 2001-2002


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