Saranda, Vlora

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Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Culture and Sports
Executive Director
Bardhyl Maliqi
Mission Statement
- The Club of the Jonian Authors is a local organization not profitable that have the beneficent social objectives to the cultural field, to the literature and to the arts. - The Club of the Jonian Authors stimulates and analyzes the creation of artistic quality in literature, literary critic, music and figurative arts.
Short Description

The Jonian Club of Authors is founded in October 2008 by 17 authors and is known by Tribunal of Tirana with the sentence Nr. 2406, at the date 06/11/2008. After a year to it listed and other authors from Saranda the at the current time they live in USA, Canada, Australia, Greece, and Italy.
A council by 5 members manages that Club:
1. Bardhyl Maliqi, Chairman
2. Irena Gjoni, vice-chairman
3. Zaho Vasili, secretary
4. Andrea Zarballa, member
5. Pajtim Çaushi, member
Along the period of that year (October 2006 – October 2009) we have published about 90 new titles. We can cite these books: The books by Timo Mërkuri, Vangjel Zafiratit, Minella Gjonit, Vangjel Papkristos, Pajtim Çaushit, Odise Gremos, Valter Lazrit, Stefan Martikos, Llambrini Dhimës, Arben Kondit, Miri Dhramit, Alush Avdulit, Nase Janit, Vasillaq Nathanailit, Dionis Qirinxidhit ect. Tens of these publications are analyzed by our friends of the “Milosao” Publishing Organ. At the same time have had too more publications in various anthologies, literary newspapers and internet. So there are the works of Bardhyl Maliqi, Irena Gjonit, Timo Mërkurit, Sulejman e Vullnet Matos, Dashamir Malos, Alush Avdulit, Stefan Martikos, Valter Lazrit ect. Again there are exhibited 8 exhibitions of paintings. There we can cite some of these that have settled for a long time as: Petraq Papës, Lefter Çekos, Gjergji Rrodhes ect. So there are presented 12 new publications and creative debates for such books as: Anatomia e lotit, Qyteti me diell, Ditë agonie, Gjuha e zogjve etj. There are held some memorials for the life and artistic work of Saranda’s artists, for example the project for poet Bilal Xhaferi to the Economic School, for the Poetic Word in the Branch of University and especially the project as for a memorial that is held about World Day of Book to remember the poet Petraq Dhima at Fieri city. Also there are held some multiplex activities as such for discussion of creative work of dissident artist Eli Rizo, like poetess, singer and composer. There is held the discussion in Albanian and in Greek of the poetic books of Niko Kacalidha and Jani Jero. Also have had too active participations to poetic demonstrations at Shkup, Tetovë, Korçë, Fier, Lushnjë, Përmet, Gjirokastër ect. We have held some speeches for Albanian literature in various Universities. We get interviews and expanded our compositions to the local and national TV-s, inside ore outside of Albania.
For some of these activities we have had the local government help (Saranda Civil Centre) as such for the activity to debate the values of singer Eli Rizo, to which for the respect and gratitude we proposed to be the Honor Member of our Creative Club. Also for to realize the poetic anthology of the waterside authors donated and expanded values the Likova Commune. The Civil Centre of Saranda and Commune of Finiq were present in spiritual and financial support for the successive realization of that project of Trirema e Poezisë Jonike, which apropos took place for Literature and Art Month, at 23-24 October in our city.
To that aspect a special value have to point in to the essence of the difficult attempt but significant such as was the publishing of the cultural and literary – artistic magazine “Arti Jonian”, the first copy of which published for the poetic manifestation with participation of 5 Balkan, that took place in Saranda.

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