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Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Human Rights
  • Women
Executive Director
Diana Culi
Mission Statement
IFAW (The Independent Forum of the Albanian Woman) is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation. It is one of the first organizations founded after the social, political and economical changes in Albania. It is founded on September 1991. IFAW performs its activity in the territory of Albania. Its centre is in Tirana The branches of IFAW are in these districts (Tirana, Durres, Elbasan, Pogradec, Fier, Lushnja, Berat, Sarande, Gjirokastra, Burrel, Kukes, Lezha, Lac, Vlora, Kruja, Bulqiza, Peshkopia, Shkodra, Himara). The branches are women groups who follow and implement the strategy and the policy of IFAW and also implement projects in different issues and questions related to women. The IFAW Women's Centers are in these cities: Berat, Saranda, Tirana, Elbasan, Durres, Shkodra. The centers give services to women: counseling, advocacy; legal problems, health, etc. The centers organize activities concerning these problems. The activities of IFAW emphasized by an important social and gender oriented element, are spread out in all Albania. The Information Education and Communication activities of IFAW serve to different groups of women in both rural and urban zones. IFAW is members of: Albanian NGO's Forum Albanian National Council of Women Albanian Anti-Traffic Coalition Inter-Balkan Women Association Mediterranean Women's Forum IFAW has been the national coordinator in the process of writing the Shadow Report on CEDAW (Convent on the Elimination of all kind of Discrimination Against Women), which outlines the situation of Albanian women based on some important articles of the CEDAW. This Shadow Report it's an alternative of the governmental one. Its purpose is to review the existing situation of women rights in Albania and propose a list of recommendations that the Albanian Government and other relevant institution should implement in order to fulfill its duties towards the improvement of women's status in Albania. In 1998 IFAW has been awarded from the European Union and the USA with: DEMOCRACY AND CIVIL SOCIETY AWARD In recognition of achievements in promoting democratic values and civil society, signed by Bill Clinton, Tony Blair and Jacques Saunter.
Short Description

 IFAW has implemented different project in different fields, since 1991: Social Projects, Social-cultural Projects, Social-Environmental Projects, Projects on Women’s Rights, women empowerment and women in leadership

Some of the main projects are:
• “Project for the social-economic integration of Albanian imprisoned women” – vocational training, legal and psychological assistance, hygienic-sanitary education for the Albanian prisoners.

• “Project on the professional education of a group of women in Bathore” – vocational training; education on legislation; psychological and sanitary assistance, traumas of immigration.
Donor: World Bank

• “Professional education and training project for socially excluded women and young women” – professional training, providing information, counselling, legal and social assistance for the socially excluded women in the district of Durres.
Donor: Open Society Foundation

• Social Programs and summer schools in the framework of Interbalkan Women Network
Donor - EU Programs.

• “Women centre for female enterprising” – “MINERVA” Women Centre - Tirana.
Donor: Ministry of Social Affairs of Italy
Partner: ARCS – Italy

• “A Life Without Cancer” – awareness campaign organized in the districts of Durres and Kruja for the importance of PAP Test, through meetings with women, publication of leaflets and posters, production of a TV spot.
Partner: Albanian Association of Colposcopy.

• “Cultural tourism as an important element for economic development project” in Berat and Saranda.
Donor: Comité Catholique Contre la Fain et Pour developpement (CCFD), France.

• “Changing the city, changing the society, No 1” – realized in 8 districts of Albania: changing the public spaces (employed about 1000 women).
Donor: Ministry of Social Affairs of Italy
Partner: C.R.I.C. – Italy

• “Changing the city, changing the society, No 2” - realized in three districts of Albania: promotion of small business in the rural area, aiming the vocational training and employment of women.
Donor: Ministry of Social Affairs of Italy
Partner: C.R.I.C. – Italy

• “For a Clean Environment of our Common City” - realized in Himara district.
Donor: Open Society Foundation

• “Participation of women in decision-making local governmental institutions. ” – seminars, round table meetings, workshops, etc., in the districts of Tirana, Elbasan, Durrës, Lushnje, Fier, Gjirokastër, Pogradec.
PHARE Democracy Program
Partner: Est à Venir – France

• “Women’s Role in a Changing Society” – study in all over Albania on the real situation of Albanian Women.
PHARE Democracy Program
Partner: COSPE – Italy

• “Women in leadership program” (2005-2010)– public awareness campaign, training seminars promoting the participation of Albanian women in decision-making.
Donor: WOMANKIND Worldwide – UK
Partner: Albanian Family Planning Association

• “Women Can Do It program” (2005-2009)– training seminars in 12 districts of the country and 8 local actions aiming the promotion of participation of women in public and political life.
Donor: Norwegian People’s Aid (a Project in the frame of the Stability Pact for East South Europe)
Partners: Albanian Committee for Equal Opportunities, Millennium Coalition

In the field of services the IFAW has established:

• Three social enterprises placed in Vlora, Durres, and Tirana. Now in the cooperative of Durres work 70 women, where they product clothes, sell them and decide in the group how to share and distribute the incomes.

• Two greenhouses, in the rural zone of Tirana (Dopje village) and in Pojan (Fier district), those work as cooperatives and are managed by the groups of women of IFAW.

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