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  • Youth
  • Education
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Executive Director
Flamur Gorica
Mission Statement
"Children First" foundation main focus is to support communities in need through it�s programs developing solutions, promoting people�s well being, enabling them to live in their homes and communities with dignity and independence.
Short Description

 - Actually, CFF is implementing the sixth phase (16 Nov’09- 16 Nov’10) of School Regeneration Program in Bushat Commune Shkodra region in “Gjon Ndoci” united school.

The first and second phase of The Program SRP (Feb’00-Apr’01 and Nov’04-Nov’05) were implemented in 7 (elementary, secondary and middle schools) of Muhur and Maqellare communes in Dibra region.

Shkodra city was the location of the third phase of The Program SRP (Feb’06-July’07) project beneficiaries were the schools with the biggest number of students in city “Ndre Mjeda” and “Deshmoret e Prishtines”.

In April 2009 ended the forth phase of the 18 month project implemented in three schools “Dom Mikel Gjergji”, “Harku i Berdices” and “Federik Gjoni” of Berdice commune, Shkodra region.

In concomitance with the sixth phase CFF is implementing fifth phase (27 Dec’08- 27 Dec’10) of School Regeneration Program in Dajçi and Velipojë Communes of Shkodra region and respectively in two united schools called “Nikollë Zagoriani” and “Dajç”. School Regeneration Program in all phases has been funded by AECID through RESCATE (Spanish NGO). Beneficiaries of the projects in these sixth phases have been 15 schools, more than 300 teachers, 5900 students and 10 representatives of Education Directorate in the two regions. The selection of the schools was based on the priority list of Regional Education Directorates in the selected areas. CFF has build good collaboration with Local and Education authorities during all phases of the program in order to smooth the implementation of program activities.

The aim of the program is to improve the quality of education according the philosophy of Children Rights Convention, providing community support and establishing mechanisms for improving teaching approaches, education environment and creation of substantial material basic for teaching and learning.

- Another project funded by AECID through RESCATE is being implemented in Kosovo. The 24 month project “Peace building inKosovo” (Sep’08-Sep’10) was preceded by a 6 months identification phase which started in September 2007. The project is implemented in Istog where are living different ethnic groups. The goal of the project is to create a peaceful and stable framework (which makes feasible a prevention of conflicts) in Istog Community, through the protection of Vulnerable People (especially Children with Special Needs).

-Funded by SSSRS / UNDP in phases (Mar-June’05 and Nov’05-Feb’06) Children First foundation implemented a project “Improving social security in communities” that aimed to establish connection and good relation between school, police and other community members and implement Community Based Policing. The project was implemented in 6 schools in Durres, Kavaja, Kruja, Fushe Kruja. The project was followed by a second phase in three big communes (with many social problems related to internal migration of the population) of Tirana city respectively in Kamez, Babrru and Bathore.

-Drainage and systemizing of green areas through increasing public awareness and participation in Peshkopi was funded by REC Albania and implemented in collaboration with Peshkopi Municipality and Social Services with the purpose to improve one of the most damaged areas in the entrance of the city. The project consisted in direct intervention to improve to environmental conditions of the irrigation channel in Dobrove quarter, poverty alleviation and awareness campaign on environmental issues.

-“Vocational Training” project (Jan’-Dec’03) was a collaboration between CFF and UNCHR that aimed to help and facilitate remained Kosova refugees and asylum seekers in the difficult process of integration in the Albanian society. For this purpose CFF designed a formative approach that provided them with the necessary social and professional skills to achieve self-sufficiency.

-Another project funded by UNCHR during the period 2003-2004 was “Management of National

Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers”. The project purpose was to provide asylum seekers with basic needs such as: food, cleaning supplies, education and health assistance, individual counseling and socio-cultural activities. Beneficiaries of this project were 70 persons from different ethnic groups.

-Since 1999, Children First Foundation, in close collaboration with OCARINA Charity in Albania, has fulfilled the implementation of project: The school counter illiteracy in Albania, with their common motto and mission “No child left behind”. This significant project has contested in giving different opportunities to children leaving in low economic level and conditions in rural and peripheral areas in Tirana City and to encourage them to participate in this project for more than 5 years.

-Since 1999 CFF, in good collaboration with foreign well-known NGO-s is implementing a continuity health program. Children with grave diseases and from the poorest and underprivileged families which can not be treated within Albania receive cure and surgery abroad. Through the implementation of the program financed by different donors we are helping and saving children’s lives and giving them a new start.

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