"Friendship Association Berat-Salzburg"`
Berat, Berat

tel: +355 32 2 33202    fax: +355 32 2 34042
Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Education
  • Economic Development
  • Culture and Sports
Executive Director
Petrit Revania
Mission Statement
The aim of the activity of Berat-Salzburg Association is the recognition, dissemination and reciprocal exchange of historical, cultural, artistic, technical-scientific, language values and civilization between the two cities which are part of the World Cultural Inheritance List of UNESCO and the promotion of the common economic interest among them.
Short Description

The association “Berat-Salzburg” was established in October 1998. It has 33 members, among which, 5 are Austrian citizens.

  • November 1998 – Photo exhibition “Treasures of the World”, „Edward Lear“ Gallery.
  • February 2000 - Concert “Straus” of the Symphonic Orchestra, Berat, TV Onufri Chamber. Representatives from the Austrian, German, Canadian, British and Norwegian Embassy. There were also other representatives from Tirana, Shkodra, Korça, Lezha etc. The Austrian magazine “Aktuell” wrote on the event.
  • June 2000 – Workshop of the Austrian painters A. Leikauf, K. Luser and M. K. Rieger, Gallery “Edward Lear”.
  • October 2000 – Participation of the Chair of the Association in the Forum “Albania and Europe”, Alpbach, Austria. Speeches were held by the Minister of Education E. Ruka, Minister of International Cooperation E. Meksi, Chair of the External Commission of the Assembly of Albania S. Godo, President of VEVE-Group V. Velija. The Federal Minister of Education of Austria, Elisabeth Gehrer, and Dr. Erhard Bussek etc, also held speeches.
  • In Salzburg, the Chair of the Association made a visit in the Association “Pro Albania” and in the Municipality of Salzburg, who were received by the Deputy-Mayor Dr. Karl Gollegger
  • December 2000 – Honorary event on the occation of the 209 anniversary of the death of W. A. Mozart, Youth Center, AKSi Berat
  • December 2000 – concert of the violin player Wolfgang Panhofer, Gallery of Arts “Edward Lear”.
  • June 2001 – concert of the Austrian guitar player Armin Egger, Gallery “Edward Lear”.
  • July 2001 –the Association “Berat-Salzburg”, was the only organization that was admitted as a member with full rights in the World League of Austrians out of Austria with the seat in Vienna.
  • September 2001 – Participation of the Chair of the Association in the 50th Anniversary of the World League of Austrians out of Austria. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria Benita Fererro Waldner congratulated the Association for its work while the “Rot-Weiss-Rot” magazine of the World League that is distributed in the whole world wrote articles illustrating its activity.
  • September 2001 –The celebration of the event of “The Land of Salzburg”, Gallery “Edward Lear”.
  • October 2001 –Visit of a group of businessmen from Berat in Salzburg, Austria.
  • May 2002 – Concert of the Austrian guitar players Beatrix Steiner and Konstancija Bargielska, Palace of Culture “Margarita Tutulani”.
  • September 2002 – Concert event “Farewell Martin!”, on the occasion of the termination of the diplomatic mission of the First Secretary of the Austrian Embassy, M. Gärtner.
  • May 2003 – Visit in Berat of the Association Austria-Albania, Elfriede Kulnig.
  • The Austrian Embassy has regularly invited the members of the Association in all its activities in Tirana and other cities of Albania.

Future activities :

  • Conference “Albania and Austria – History and actualities”
  • Symphonic Concert “Mozart”

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