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Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Human Rights
  • Women
Executive Director
Mission Statement
To protect women's rights, as part of human rights, to increase women participation in public life and to develop alternatives for their empowerment
Short Description

 Association for Women with Social Problems has been a leader in the reduction of domestic violence and promotion of gender equality in Durres since its founding in 1999


In addition to advocacy and gender equality activities, AWSP operates two ongoing projects:

¨       Social Centre for women and girls (funded by the Kvinna Till Kvinna foundation)

¨       Community Centre for women and youth in Spitalla area (Europian Comission and COSS MARCHE)

Actual services offered by this association:

¨  Psychological and emotional support for victims of domestic violence

¨  Awareness on domestic violence, gender equality and women in decision making

¨  Legal consultency and court representation for violated women

¨  Psycho-social expertise in court for children custody

¨  Trainings, workshops for rasing capacities of local women

¨   Advocacy campaing on gender equality and  female involvement in decision making

¨  Educational meetings with youth on essential topics including domestic violence, trafficking, and reproductive heath

¨  Distribution of clothing and food for families in need


Main achievements of Association

¨   Opening of the Gender Office in Durres Municipality, the first of this kind in Albania.

¨   The only NGO that offers social services on victims of domestic violence in Durres Prefecture

¨   The only local NGO that is a member of the Coalition against Trafficking in prefecture range


 Strategic directions for the five coming years


¨  To focus the work on raising the participation of women in decision making process

¨  To continue working to reduce the violence in our families.

¨  Raising the engagement with the vulnerable community in Durres District

¨  Raising funds for the activities of the society.

¨  Raising the cooperation the Municipality.

¨  Raising the cooperation with the NGO that have the same focus of work.


Some statistics for 2009

¨  Psycho Emotional support for 178 cases of women

¨  Legal consultancy for 103 cases from which 48 cases are represented in the court for Immediate Protection Order

¨  Medical consultancy for 49 cases  of women

¨  Intermediation for employment possibilities for 21 cases of women

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