"WIICS" (Women Incentive in the Intergration of the Civil Society)
Vlora, Vlora

tel: +355 33 228682    fax: +355 33 228682
Areas / Sector of Interests
  • Social services and Human development
Executive Director
Elisabeta Nasi /
Mission Statement
The mission of the organization is to promote the integration of women and young people in the civil society having in its foundation the democratic citizenship education for the purpose of improving their economic, social, educational status through their capacity building, increasing access to decision making, encouraging new initiatives, lobbing, exchange of experiences etc. In its attention is the Declaration of Philadelphia "All the human beings regardless the race, the belief and sex have the right to strive for their well being and their spiritual advancement in the terms of freedom and dignity, economic security and equal opportunities".
Short Description
  • Project title "Increase the capacity of the existing NGOs and the encouraging of the creation of the new NGOs in rural districts, Vlore.
  • Project: "Vote Success, Gender Equality kuri the foundation for a better future and secure", March 2009-September 2009. Funded by UNIFEM
  • Project: "Media-wife partners in the electoral campaign, with local partner organization" The Bunga Gazetarve "Tirana, January - June 2009, Funded by UNIFEM• Project "Exchange of positive experiences" conducted between our organization and KIVIST, Stejncer, Venstre, Norway. Funded by county Venstre, Norway in 2007
  • Project "Law of information for official documents of the legal right of every individual." Funded by Soros Foundation November 2006-March 2007
  • Participation in the project "Strengthening capacity of Lobbying society and the interest groups in the district of Vlora for promoting policies to alleviate poverty in rural areas" organized by the Center for Research and Development, Tirana, funded by OXFA% participation of women in Parliament". Local Partners Coalition "For promoting the participations th at young women and minorities in politics in the implementation. Funded by "Women Kind", 2006
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