Return to tradition
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Year:  2013
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Products may be considered traditional only in their collective dimension.

They are the direct result of a social process that includes a variety of actors, which has taken place during every long time, and was based solely on the local resources of the territory in which it took place.
These products are being  appreciated today by the outsiders. They are linked not only to the skills of a group of people or companies, but also with locally created public goods and with the history, habits and culture of the area in which they are produced, cultivated and processed. We want you to enjoy those moments of grace that fall in each season. We are thrilled to share with you, through our extensive range of  seasonal products and their respective recipes, the answer to an easy choice: “Eat 
The traditional veal meat served on paper plates, the cheese on a napkin of the region of Korça and Grevena, and much more, these things are always trending because they wow! Impressive, inventive, local  and less intimidating that a sit-down dinner for the cook
and the guests alike.
Regardless of whether you are fan of traditional products or not, the InCommon Atlas is worth exploring. Filled with detailed information about traditional products and recipes of both regions, it can attract with its uniqueness and rich diversity of products
and foods.


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