Publication Comparative Survey for Transparency

This publication aims to bring into attention of responsible insitutions the citizens’ perception on the quality of public services delivery using the Citizens’ Report Card. The study represent the opinion of the citizens in the cities of Shkodra, Korca and Fier, on access to information, usage and satisfaction level of public services provision. Its serves as a very useful communicative tool between citizens and policy – makers with the positive goal of potential ... » more...

Manual for the organizations that plan to apply for grants in the CBC programs

The manual was prepared in the course of the month of July, basen on the experience of the staff EuroPartners Development specialised in the fjeld of cross-border cooperation programs and on their experience in the ground, together with the close consultation with the Ministry of European Integration in Tirana, financed by SOROS Fundation and AECID in the framework of the Project "Increase the Capacities of NGOs to benefit from IPA Funds". The assisting ... » more...

A Guide to NGO Sustainability

This guide is prepared by EuroPartners Development, in cooperation with AYNEI in the framework of the project ‘Increase the Capacities of NGOs towards Future Sustainablity’, financed by the EC Delegation. It consists of four chapters:

Chapter 1 introduces what are NGOs and different type of their organizations worldwide and in Albania.
Chapter 2
explains what NGO sustainability is and describes elements and factors that influence NGO Sustainability
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