Preparation of ToR for the IPA "Reforming Policy Coordination and the Centre of the Government"
Public Administration / EU Integration / Internal Market
Starting Date
Ending Date
Donor agency
Detailed description of the project

 The overall objective was to assist the General Secretariat , supported by the EU Delegation, in the development of Terms of Reference for a service contract assisting the reform of policy making and coordination of the Centre of the Government.
Specific Objectives
• Reviewing the general state of play of the reform of policy-making and coordination, also in view of previous and on-going international assistance
• Identifying and prioritizing the needs to be addressed by IPA II assistance
• On this basis, drafting Terms of references for a service contract in line with PRAG regulation
• If necessary, assisting in the preparation of other tender documents in line with PRAG regulation

Type of services provided
• Gathering and analyzing relevant information and documentation, also through interviews with all key stakeholders
• Providing a general analysis of the state of play of the reform, identifying and prioritizing the needs to be addressed by IPA assistance and defining a logical framework
• Identifying clear outputs and feasible activities of a technical assistance project/service contract (as foreseen by IPA 2011 programme)
• Identifying the expertise needed to implement the project
• Providing an indicative estimation of the resources needed for the identified results and activities, in the framework of the project budget timeframe
• Preparing draft Terms of Reference in line with PRAG regulation for an IPA technical assistance project/service contract


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