Consultancy on Implementation of Access to Information Reforms in Albania
Democratization / Civil Society
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World Bank
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An access to information study – funded by the Governance Partnership Facility/World Bank – is proposed that will undertake a comparative analysis of the implementation of Access to Information (ATI) legislation in a set of countries with diverse capacity and institutional settings.
Key issues of the analisys:
• Documentation of the experience of ATI reforms in different country settings – the record on implementation, and role in improving accountability;
• Investigation of the influence of stakeholders, institutions, and capacity levels on the effectiveness with which reforms were implemented, especially if institutional dimensions or capacity issues have a more marked influence on the effectiveness with which ATI reforms were implemented in diverse settings; and
• Researching what evidence exists of the difference that implementation of ATI is making in enhancing access to information - the effectiveness of ATI laws in enhancing transparency and access to information by citizens, and accountability of public officials.

Type of services provided:

o In-depth analysis of the access to information policies, systems, inputs, and processes in the public agencies (departments, ministries, or agencies)

o Analysis of the actors, institutions, incentives, and capacities that conditioned how ATI policies were implemented in each of these sectors;

o Analysis of the role of each of other actors in the sectors – such as civil society groups frontline service providers etc., and whether they played any role in the ways in which access to information was implemented in these sectors.

o Impact of the implementation of access to information reforms in each sector and on administrative processes in each agency.

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