Preparation of National Strategy for Development and Integration 2014-2020
Public Administration / EU Integration / Internal Market
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Donor agency
World Bank
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EuroPartners Development
Detailed description of the project

Overall objective is to enable Albanian institutions to establish a coherent and broadly consulted strategic policy framework that will encompass Albanian development and EU integration priorities for the period 2013-2020.

Specific Objective of the project was to support the Albanian government under the leading role of DSDC, to finalise NSDI 2013-2020 document based on a broad consultation and a participatory process.
The project consisted in three components: 
  • Consultations and reviewing the first draft of NSDI 2013-2020.   Review the input provided by line ministries to the final draft of NSDI 2013-2020, ensuring coherence between NSDI chapters, clearly presented overall priorities as well as specific policy and sector and crosscutting related reforms; Review the chapter on the Macroeconomic framework to ensure that the policies set out in this chapter support the overall objectives of the NSDI 2013-2020; Provide an overall assessment on how the prospects for development of the Albanian Economy and factors for sustainable economic growth are reflected in the NSDI document;
  • Finalization of the NSDI document: Ensure that the feedback provided during the consultation process is properly reflected in the NSDI document;
  • Launching the NSDI 2013-2020: Presentation of the final draft of the strategy and related documents in the workshops with the participation of line ministries and other stakeholder 
Type of services provided
Hands on support and coaching of the DSDC staff during the process of finalising the NSDI document.
The expertise consisted of Team Leader – Strategic Planning Expert ; a Macro-Economic expert and a pool of three strategic planning local experts  
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