Evaluation of Sida’s support to the SEPA
Aid coordination, Monitoring, Evaluation and Impact assessment
Starting Date
Ending Date
Albania, Serbia
Donor agency
Lead Partner
SIPU International
Detailed description of the project

The overall aim of the evaluation is to draw on the experiences gained and make recommendations on changes for a possible continued SIda support to Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s co-operation with environmental authorities in the Western Balkan.

The specific objectives of the evaluation:

1. To analyse the performance of the project versus objectives and expected results; assess the effectiveness of various methods for knowledge exchange/transfer and establish the relevance, cost-effectiveness and sustainability of the support in a country and regional context.
2. To evaluate ownership, alignment and regional aspects assessing the degree of local ownership and the quality of the participatory process in project planning and implementation and cooperation in alignment with national and public needs and priorities.
3. To analyse routines and systems to ensure quality in project implementation and reporting feedback on the degree of SEPA using Results Based Management and/or the Logical Framework Approach in their work.

Type of services provided
1. Analysis of project documentation which should fairly represent the diversity of the co-operation,
2. Fact finding and interviews with the various key actors in Sweden, Serbia, Albania and UN-ECE;
3. Report writing
Three local experts have been contracted by EPD

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