Support to free movement of goods
Economic and Regional Development
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IBF International Consulting
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Detailed description of the project

The overall objective of this Project is to improve Kosovo"s business environment and its competitiveness in international markets by reducing barriers to trade.

The purpose of this contract is to improve the Quality Infrastructure System of Kosovo, including market surveillance and consumer protection, in line with the EU requirements.

Type of services provided

1. Adopting the conformity assessment procedures in accordance with the requirements of the EU directives.
2. Adopting the EU Standards in market areas which lack standardization
3. To increase the number of accredited conformity assessment bodies operating in the domestic market.
4. Handle the modern and functional laboratories of metrology in place by properly trained staff.
5. Increase awareness of the importance of standards, accreditations and metrology among Kosovo producers.
6. Train and organize Consumer Protection.
7. Train market surveillances at all levels in accordance with the best practices of the EU member countries.
8. Circulation of a functioning database for (dangerous) products in the domestic market.
9. International integration of national bodies for metrology, accreditation and standards.

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