Good Governance

Country Title Period Donor Agency Lead Partner
Albania Strengthening Local Government Public Finance Management in Albania 2018-2023 Swiss Government GFA Consulting Group
Albania Municipalities for Europe 2017-2020 EU EPRD Poland
Albania Strengthen the capacities of select LGUs in implementing the Social Pact and deliver social services to vulnerable children and families 2018 - 2019 UNICEF EuroPartners Development
Albania Enhance the civil society involvement on drafting the Medium Term Budget Program and the Annual Budget 2019 2017 - 2018 OSFA EuroPartners Development
Kosovo Capacity development in the field of policy development and coordination 2016-2020 SIDA PAI (UK)
Macedonia Preparation of terms of reference and technical specifications in the areas of Public Administration Reform and Public Finance 2018 EU IBFConsulting International
Albania Delegation of functions for implementation "Function of protection from fire and rescue" 2017-2018 Swiss Government EuroPartners Development
Albania Assisting Mat, Dibër, Shkodër and Malësi e Madhe municipalities for preparing CBC Projects 2016 Swiss Government EuroPartners Development
Albania Support to Municipality of Kukes for preparation of 2030 Territorial Development Strategy 2015-2016 Swiss Coop EuroPartners Development
Albania Finalization of the Crosscutting Decentralization and Local Governance Strategy 2015-2020 2015 USAID EuroPartners Development
Albania Study on Implementation of Shared Functions in the Local Government Level 2015 OSCE EuroPartners Development
Albania Preparation of National Strategy for Development and Integration 2014-2020 2014 World Bank EuroPartners Development
Albania Twinning 2013 EU Association of Municipalities
Albania/ Kosovo Outlining Sida Support to Public Administration in Albania and Kosovo 2014-2020 2013 Sida PAI (London)
Albania Enhancing transparency and information on Local Government services delivery in Vlora and Kukes 2012-2013 OSFA Foundation EuroPartners Development
Albania Policy Advice for Mid-Term Evaluation of NSDI and Preparations for the Strategy 2013-2020 2011 EU EuroPartners Development
Kosovo Evaluation of Peer Assistance in Kosovo 2011 EU EPRD Poland
DFID Support to Public Administration Reform (PAR) in Kosovo 2011-2012 DFID EuroPartners Development
Albania Support to the Ministry of Environment in elaboration of an Operational Plan for the Environment Sector 2011 SIDA SIPU International
Albania Strengthening of Human Resource Managment Capacities of Local Government Units 2010-2012 Government of the Netherlands EuroPartners Development
Albania Consultancy on Implementation of Access to Information Reforms in Albania 2010-2011 World Bank
Albania Preparation of the Albanian Authorities for the EU's Decentralised Implementation System (DIS) 2010-2013 EU East West Consulting
Albania Policy Advice for NSDI Monitoring and Implementation 2010 World Bank PROGECO Italy
Albania Strengthening Capacities of Albanian public administration and training support 2010 World Bank SIPU International
Albania Capacity Building Support to Implement the Integrated Planning System 2009-2010 World Bank EuroPartners Development
Albania Support to the Ministry of Economy Phase 2 2008-2010 World Bank EuroPartners Development
Support to Public Expenditure Management Phase III 2006-2010 DFID / World Bank REPIM (UK)
Albania Evaluation of CARDS assistance to Albania 2001-2006 2008 EU COWI (Denmark)
Albania Strengthening the Management and Effectiveness of Public Investments in Albania 2007 WB
Kosovo Support to Public Finance Management reform Action Plan 2010 DFID Kosovo EuroPartners Development
Albania Assessment of the Development Cooperation Strategy for Albania 2007 Sida COWI (Denmark)
Kosovo TA to draft the ToRs for IPA 2009 TA Project "Support to Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare" 2009 EU EuroPartners Development
Albania Modernization of the Civil Registration and Address systems 2006-2007 ODHIR EuroPartners Development
Albania IT and COMMS technical study for the Law Enforcement Sector 2009 EU Soges SpA
Kosovo Support for institutional building reforms in Kosovo 2004-2006 DFID PAI (UK)
Albania Legal Advice to the Albanian National Agency for Information Society NAIS 2008 World Bank EWC (Belgium)